Limited Partner (LP) Investing Lessons
Limited Partner (LP) Investing Lessons Podcast
LP Investing Lessons Podcast #2

LP Investing Lessons Podcast #2

Deconstructing successful LP investments
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LP Investing Lessons Podcast #2

🎙️ Welcome back to the LP Investing Lessons Podcast

Thank you for all those who reached out after the last episode, keep the feedback coming! 😊

About this episode:

  • This is an interview about an unsuccessful investment and the lessons you could learn from this LP

  • Topics covered on this episode:

    • Capital Allocation/Diversification

    • Unique properties come with unique risk

    • Cash-in refinances

    • Investing based on Personal Relationships

    • GP Reporting

    • Preferred Equity

    • Paused Distributions

Please let me know if you enjoyed this and reach out if you have a story to share yourself!

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Limited Partner (LP) Investing Lessons
Limited Partner (LP) Investing Lessons Podcast
I advise Limited Partners on existing and future real estate transactions. Here I'll share their hard earned lessons, so you don't have to learn them the hard way yourself.
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